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I suppose I am what they call a creative generalist. Someone with so many interests, eager to learn new things, a constant hunger for more self-development and the need for variation. As a kid I was already the one with an endless list of hobbies, I switched school as much as I changed my mind about what I wanted to become later in life, and later on I got bored so easily at work when I had to do the same thing for too long. Many times I felt lost in where I was heading. All these things I wanted to do, all those talents to explore.


I have a thing for purity, the unadulterated and pure nature of something or someone. The raw version of things. Truthfulness. It returns in everything that I do.

I find it in photography. It’s what I like to catch in an image, the world and life as it is. Raw life.


I also find it in yoga. Yoga came into my life and it felt like coming home. Yoga felt like something I was always meant to do. Yoga helped me through a hard time of my life and very soon I decided that I wanted to pass the magic of yoga to others. So only a few months later I was in India to study yoga at the place where it was born.


I've always loved to express myself in words and images. Hence why I got a degree in journalism. My love for writing returned a few years ago on a mission to unite in vulnerability. Same as my purpose with yoga and photography, it's about truthfulness.


Besides chocolate, walking barefoot, the ocean, the smell of vanilla and coconuts, I am fascinated by psychology. It's an advice I give to everyone, to dive into yourself and to really get to know yourself.

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