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Wedding photography

Getting married just as you are. No grand spectacle, not for others, but solely for yourselves and the people with whom you share that love. Whether it's an intimate elopement in a secluded forest, a whimsical beachside gathering, a tent and Christmas lights in your own garden, or any other unique wedding vision you have in mind, I'm here to capture it all. I'm the biggest fan of the DIY wedding celebration that truly reflects your story and your connection. If this is what you're envisioning, then I would be honored to be there to capture it all.


I don't want to be the ordinary, run-of-the-mill wedding photographer, nothing to formal or traditional. Instead, I want to capture your wedding in all its quirky, crazy, and wonderfully wild glory! I want to document those real, unscripted moments that reflect the true essence of the day, turning your wedding photos into more than just images but a tangible recap of one of the most meaningful moments of your life. With a keen eye for light, composition, and emotions, I create images that authentically and beautifully narrate your story.

Why choose me?


Choosing among all the options and possibilities can be quite challenging. As a wedding photographer, I'm well aware that I'm not the only one out there, and there are others with comparable styles and color palettes.

I could go on and on about why you should choose me, but honestly, I cringe at such sales pitches – that's just not my style.


Ultimately, what truly sets me apart is our connection. It's about whether we understand each other and have a genuine bond. Connection is the essence of all my work. The better I understand you, the more it will reflect in the photos I capture. So, go ahead and trust your instincts – that gut feeling can lead to something extraordinary.

Pricing 2024


For wedding photography, I offer three packages, each of which includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Creation of a detailed schedule

  • Coordination with a wedding planner

  • Photography coverage according to agreed-upon hours

  • Digital post-processing of photos

  • Personalized online photo gallery with all high-resolution images

  • Slideshow


The packages are as follows:

These packages do not include:

  • Prints or albums

  • Travel expenses

  • Venue visits


Additional hours are billed at €150/hour.

wedding photography

Is it really that much? For just one day?
I get it, it can be quite a shock when you first receive a quote from a wedding photographer. I was in your shoes once and couldn't believe the prices I saw from my fellow photographers. That was until I started doing the job myself. Let me tell you, photographing a wedding involves an incredible amount of time and effort – way beyond just the wedding day itself.

When I break it down, for every hour I spend behind the camera, I dedicate four hours in total to the entire process. Most of that time goes into meticulously editing the photos to perfection, but there's also a significant chunk spent in preparation. Not to mention, all the top-notch equipment and software I invest in to ensure I deliver the highest quality in my photos. So, even if you book me for 10 hours, it translates to a minimum of 40 hours of dedicated work.

What sets an experienced wedding photographer apart is not just their skill behind the lens but also their ability to make your day go smoothly.

Yes, hiring a wedding photographer is an investment, but I genuinely hope you now understand that it's worth every penny. Your entire day is a priceless investment, your relationship is something you treasure, and it would be a shame not to capture those moments on film to cherish forever."

Any more questions or ready to meet up?

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