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Capturing people, emotions, travels

I was 15 when I held a real camera in my hands for the first time. One of those with too many buttons and an actual roll of film that required us to be extremely careful before pressing the shutter. I was instantly captivated. We had photography classes at school, and in that same year, I came in second place in a European competition with a photo I took in Brussels. That's how I won my first digital camera. Since then, I've taken hundreds of thousands of photos. Even before becoming a professional photographer, I found the most joy in capturing people and stories.

I can spend hours looking at pictures from years ago, reminiscing about moments in my life that I would otherwise have forgotten. If my house were on fire, what's the first thing I would grab? My computer with all my photos. It's my most valuable possession, my life in pictures. And I would love to create such photos for you as well, photos to carry with you forever and bring out on late evenings, at family gatherings, on days of nostalgia, to revisit moments in your life.

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